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Down and Dirty

This isn't a sexually explicit post as my title might seem to suggest. Instead it is quick and informational rather than arty. I took these photos at my favorite sandbox which admittedly has the nicest background FOR a sandbox. Still, this is not art.

I went out hunting this eve on the Summer Harvest Hunt. I had found two things the other night before the hunt officially started. I perused the prize photos and happily found the HINTS courtesy of a hunt blog. I did a fair amount of hunting and came away with a few things. It may be me, but the hunting seemed a bit harder and at least one spot seems to be missing their prize. I went back twice and looked again; had the hint. Found nothing. Still, could just be me.

There are some nice gifts but many didn't fit me. Hence I am decked out in a micro mini skirt from Happy Undead and a bikini top from Sakide. The skirt is really, really short and it took me awhile to find a pair of undies that would marginally work with it. So unless you have an extensive virtual lingerie drawer, you may need to go commando :D.  No bonus pants layer was included.   It IS very nicely made.

My favorite prize is the outdoor pavilion from Kukuvaya. Two versions are included, one lower prim and sans lanterns. Perfect for a Fall dance party, it is nicely textured and offers great shadows.

The barley stooks (stooks? Well maybe) in the top photo are the prize at Organica. It took me forever to find the area to look in. Read those hints! After that it was pretty simple.

That's my report. I actually thought I would like this hunt a bit better than I did. YOU however may find things that fit and that you love. Happily there are many tastes and many, MANY hunts going on.

Please note that I did NOT do this whole hunt. Hence there may be some great gifts out there that had no photos on the prize page. As I was perusing said page I was thinking back to when hunts began in SL. It was just a bit before I popped out of the pod I think but having a hunt to go to was a BIG deal when I was young. Vain was about the only one doing them.

So now we have hints and prize photos and lots of bonuses for sure. There are so many hunts now there really is a competition. And I can tell from watching the various hunt blogs that those putting hunts together are oftentimes (not always mind you) disappointed in the number of folks that apply. And then there is that quality thing. Anyway, just some thoughts. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for us in the hunt arenas.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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