What's In A Name?

Is it FAMEshed? No, it is faMESHed according to the official blog :D. I did wonder.  A new round of goodies is out at Le Shed and there are plenty of half invisible avatars wandering around trying on demos. My favorite clothing for September is this very lovely day dress (to the knee) from Rebel Hope.

Now I used to belong to a blogger group that received new releases from the shop. I always liked them, but they never came close to fitting me. So when I saw the rainbow display of choices of this very impressive dress I definitely needed to try it on. Amazingly it fit perfectly. I needed to go down a size, but that something we usually applaud in the real world. So a happy girl, I took this photo at my work in progress corporate office set and it seems very fitting. Well maybe another color besides pink would be better for that Fortune 500 look.

Anyway, if you too had difficulties getting RH mesh to fit, grab a demo and see if that has changed. The detailing on this is superb!

Other faMESHed news and what lead me over to the venue this early morn are the new releases from Trompe Loeil.  Super low prim with lots of ways to buy and colors to choose from, this Contempo set comes packed full of animations for guys and gals.

Here is the complete set in black and white. Even the couch is only two prims. I love mesh! The furniture is mod so you can resize as needed. After I took this shot, I copied one of the end tables over, resized and made a coffee table. I added some new decor touches from yesterday's 50 Linden Friday, a few magazines and have a fun seating area.

Poses by: Behavior Body, furniture