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COLLABOR88 Sept Trompe

It is opening day for COLLABOR88 at a new sim!  I went over but with 60 avatars, a weekend and our current rezzing issues all was gray even after many minutes. Some folks could apparently see as  a few were trying on hair demos. I can tell you that this new kitchen from Trompe Loeil is superb -- and happily right in the doorway. It comes in a variety of kitcheny colors and both PG and adult versions. 32 prims - 32 prims - 32 prims! Got that?

I added the plates, cooking utensil jar, jams and pie but the pots, glasses and clock are all included. The ceiling light gives a nice glow to the room. The set is people size and fits easily in a corner space, so even cottage size homes can have it all!

While I can't wholly recommend you try to shop at COLLABOR88 this weekend, put it on your todo list for later in the week.

Poses by: the furniture


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