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Set Home To Here

While I had every intention in moving into New Orleans land (scroll back for details), serendipity had other plans. As I started to decorate the new skybox, adding Victorian furniture, teas sets and the like, the build became a "tea house". Now there is coffee available too, it will be an equal opportunity establishment; and it is looking great. Lots of books and musical contraptions form the decor with of course plenty of seating. This lead me return to the STEAM 7 Hunt where I spent much of yesterday. More on all of that in an upcoming post.

MEANWHILE, I had been thinking that it was a shame to have all the ocean front property and not use it. Happily there is a cute new artist studio out from [Circa]. The Ocean Pacific Art Studio comes in three colors, terracotta (shown), sun and aqua.

There are lots of ways to purchase and coordinating living room furniture available. The best part (well for me anyway) is the artist area with easel (great animation), and all the little details you might see in a real studio. The food and paints are not linked to the old door table so you can use what your prim budget allows.

The studio weighing in at only 36 prims is 15 by 10 meters. Completely furnished (including living room pieces), it will still work on a 512 at 115 prims.

This plant stand and tables set comes in two colors with the gold version having a bit more yellow in the texture.

This drink tray is not part of the artist set, and yes it is primmy but SO pretty. It also dispenses glasses of sangria to your friends. After I finish moving in it will likely go out on the beach with some deck loungers. This is part of a HUGE new release of food. You can see all the choices easily on the Marketplace.

My top photo features the hunt item from [Circa] on the Royal Living Hunt ($45).  This is a big set chocked full of details -- even floating paper airplanes. Tons of fun, it has terrific poses which all (so far) fit me. Woot!  I was taking the top photo and it was so perfect I decided to make that my "home" picture for the viewer. Most of us probably don't think about it, I certainly don't -- but it is nice to have a welcoming snapshot greet you when you log in *wink*. If you need this, get over there FAST as the hunt is almost over!

Items from [Circa] are transfer and no mod. The drink giver of course give out drinks that are copy and transfer.

Now for FASHION. I am wearing the new Betty release from PARADISIS. It comes with cute and summery (very appropriate for my beach abode) checked top and velvet jeans. There is a little heart patch on the backside :D.  Lots of colors to choose from. Beautifully detailed with check insets in the bellbottoms, it reminds us of times past. Just out, you have a week to get it at promo price!

Poses by: furniture, Vista Animations, Helamiyo


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