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Anniversary Kitty

Black on black and very tiny, this is Achoo who is less than a day old. He is the new "store cat" at a group shop I am in. It was Firestorm's 3rd Anniversary yesterday. This live forever, spayed (actually "neutered" is the correct term in his case) and dieting kitty (no food needed) is a present from KittyCatS to all the Firestorm fans. And even if you don't use Firestorm as your primary viewer, you can pick up your own kitty (one per avatar) anytime this week. See the listing of gift vendors here.

There is a post coming up tomorrow with me in this outfit. I bumped the "gatcha" post in favor of the kitty, what can I say?  I love this photo. It was so much fun to do!

As if I didn't have enough to do, I consented to be part of a new tiny shop with a couple of friends. They of course have stuff made and I have one thing sitting on my building pad, so I doubt I will be a big contributor, but it is fun anyway. The shop will be called "Girls with Hammers" and we made this photo to fill in a big empty wall of the shop -- there just isn't much there yet. Anyway, that's the story and I will rewrite a bit of text in the upcoming post so not to be too confusing.

There is also a post coming up about Sami's great and FREE dress. So stay tuned. And now I need to get back to sawing and nailing.

My outfit is of course the free overalls from COCO's group gift wall. Xia is wearing the doll version which she rarely changes out of. Not much of a fashionista now that she is a doll.


Meg said…
Question. what is the pink skirt outfit with the black tights in the middle? Looks great too.
Chic Aeon said…
Coming up tomorrow :D All you need to know and more. Stay tuned! And yes, it is a beautiful outfit AND free. I know I am BAD *wink*.

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