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Really Really Real

You know how serendipity it; it sneaks up on you when you aren't looking. I went over to see what might be going on in the forums Saturday eve and found a post about a new role play area that spanned three sims. Now I have always believed that a large role play area offered more realism than its smaller counterpart and who knew what photo ops might be available, so off I went.

Well "I" as Chic didn't go, Lani did. Poor Lani hasn't been out in for-e-ver and I thought she might enjoy an outing. And indeed she did.

The area is called Smokey Hills and is patterned after Maine in the United States. The typist visited Maine once a few years ago and enjoyed it. She could live there -- well maybe more when she was younger and hardier as it is not a wintertime retreat for those who love creature comforts. It is beautiful however.

I have a ton of good things to say about these sims. You can pretty much wrap it up in my title though, it is really really real. Lots of attention to detail with modern builds that don't have you wondering when the sim might think about upgrading *wink*. Well you know how that is some places.

Three sims with long winding roads that never actually "end". The designer was extremely clever and the roads lead off sim in curves giving you the feeling that they DO lead somewhere. Giant hills surround the peaceful valley which is rich in forestry and natural resources. It is very much a "real" town and even includes a fire watch tower.

Reading the code of conduct was a relief. I honestly love role play sims but even as a retired actress (OK it was a VERY little movie) I have never ventured into that SL area simply because there was always violence involved.  That and meters with all you ever wanted to know about the person listed in floating text. Neither worked for me. Happily that is not part of this project. So Lani in her wisdom joined the group and we'll see how it goes.

The sim seems to be open to the public at large. Of course respect the role play. It is only unofficially open at the moment but the builds seem to be pretty much complete.


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