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On Creativity

I've been thinking.

Well I do that a lot these days and Pearl, it seems is in thinking mode too. Who knew my kitty would climb up on the hale bale to join me in my ponderings? Not I.

New out from Sway's a fun tent lean-to with lanterns and hay bale seating (singles and couples). It coordinates nicely with the outdoor dining area.

Kitty not included :D.

Two new releases in the avatar enhancement category are Patricia from MINA Hair (colors by hud) for My Attic, a casual updo great for all sorts of stylings and the Elie top (colors by hud) from Ducknipple.

Click the photo for a high-rez version.

And here are my Sunday musings.

It's Tuesday as I write this. When I am feeling philosophical, it is the time to write.

Today is a good day. The best in over a week and last night after staying up until 2 AM creating, I had really REALLY good dreams. This tells me how very much creativity is a part of my life; just as important as food -- not quite up there with air.

I did some exploring yesterday, bored as I was with little to do. I ventured over to a prominent SL type world to look around. It was about two years behind SL in style and I could only teleport to one of eight places I tried.

Then, reading the very long forum post in Merchants I found a new world -- one I didn't even know existed. Rebeca Bashley is a citizen, so art is represented.

I spent some time there in the afternoon, learning how to move, changing my default avatar a bit, reading wikis and tutorials. In the early morning hours (two to be exact) I managed to upload an already made mesh chair, get a texture on it (not so easy) AND a normal map. It looks great although a friend of mine said I need a cushion for sure; he has very little RL padding in that area so is particularly notefull of comfortable seating.

It is good to be building and learning again. Skills can easily be forgotten (Blender is FILLED with shortcut keys that you really need to memorize and use). So feeling much more centered, I am moving along.

A good thing. 

Poses by: hay bale and aDORKable


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