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Intellectual Property Rights

I had a notice in my email inbox this morning stating that content I had created had been removed from my inventory and to review the Intellectual Property Policy; my account could be suspended or terminated.

Now "I" am the one often reminding folks (mostly on machinima boards) about copyrights and such so for me to get this notice seemed a bit bizarre. As it turned out the item in question was an animation that I picked up on a hunt a couple of years ago (not really sure about the timeline, but not recently).

I am not upset that something from my inventory disappeared over DMCA claims, but the letter was SO off base. Folks that don't know what is actually going on are most likely in a panic. I wrote back to the Intellectual Property Team (the note didn't say "don't reply") asking them to review what they had just sent out to most likely a thousand or so folks. It was a hunt item after all. I doubt anyone will read it.

Meanwhile if you got one of these notes, it is actually not YOUR at fault. I so hate being yelled at for something I didn't do.

Later: I guess I should add that while I can see that someone who has an inventory full of stolen goods could very well be considered for suspension, this particular item was from a well known and high profile dance store that you would all recognize. It isn't like I picked it up at a garage sale for $5. LOL. We can only do what we can do.

It would be SO much better and very little work to reword the notes going out to say something like "we found some possible stolen goods in your inventory and have removed them while we investigate. Please shop carefully" with a link to the IPP page.


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