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Hard Hunting

I have to smile at myself as I am rewriting this post in the early morning hours before it hits the streets so to speak. Some sleep and time away from the frustration tells me that is a good plan. I like linear adventure games and drawing inside the lines. You on the other hand may love doing the Twisted and MadPea hunts. We are simply different.

There a apparently some nice prizes to be found in this hunt and the New York sim is quite lovely to explore. With that being said I am going to give you my much edited and more "politically correct" version of my experiences.


This is THE prize from the Campus Crawl Back to School Hunt or mine anyway.  I found the hunting difficult and confusing -- especially links on the blog that led away from the hunt.

Going to the Zenshi sims (four sims - eight prizes - blog link takes you underwater - no real way to know where to start looking - you get the picture ----- I ended up in a security area and had 10 seconds to TP out. Let's say it wasn't a good hunting experience for me. YOU of course may do better.

But, all that said there are some VERY nice shoes complete with blending sock tattoo layers from Essenz Footwear. The good news is that you can look in the Essenz shop (woot!) :D.


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