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Winter Tones and Crimson

Neutrals and crimson, a perfect match. Add some new trees from LAQ Decor (animated and three seasons in one pack) and some lovely Victorian-esce outdoor furnishes and I am dreaming of winter.

Now I know winter isn't here yet; I actually just changed my ground level to shades of Fall. Pampas grass is now sans plumes, rust and golden leaves blow gently -- wind or no. It is really lovely in the valley. [Later note: you can see one of the Fall trees in my previous post]

I found these beautiful trees (well Lani did in fact discover them) when taking a RL friend on a tour of  Smokey Hills. Happily there are three versions including this bare style which is my favorite and will soon appear in the SNOW area at LEA7.

The very pretty settee and the post lamp are new releases from Atelier Visconti @ Designer Warehouse . There are four versions of lamps ranging in land impact from 1 to 6. The Noir Bench of course coordinates with the Noir Street Lanterns and is packed full of animations (58 in all including couples versions). It weighs in at an amazing 2 and has lovely wood textures.  If you live in one of the magical Victorian or Steampunk areas  -- or even have your own parcel with that theme -- these are wonderful additions. I can envision carolers singing happily  nearby. OK; too many months in the future again.

My dress is a new release from Senzafine for We Love Roleplay. The "Amarthiel" Elvish Gown comes in three colors. Demos are available at the venue shop.

My hair happily arrived as I was getting dressed (OK I was really turning pampas from flowers to bushes and HOPING some new appropriate hair would appear). This is DOLIA from eXxEsS. There are two thin low ponytails in back and lots of messy hair falling out in front. I just can't help wondering what this wench has been doing *wink*. A very cute and unusual hairstyle, it comes in tons of colors with NEW HUDS WITH SWATCHES (so love those). 

Poses by: aDORKable


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