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Ocean Breezes

The September cycle of La boutique-The Liaison collaborative opens on the 15th according to my blogger group, which is "hey, today!". Many are pounding on the virtual doors -- at least in their minds -- waiting to get in.

Two new releases in so many, many colors will be out for BAIASTICE. The Luis Sleeveless Shirt comes in two styles -- all one tone (shown here) as well as a few color combos.

The Cigarette Trousers come in twelve colors, everything from wardrobe basics to gorgeous jewel tones. I love these pants!!!!! Sure to be a Fall and winter go to item for me.

My bracelets are from Eclectica. While they are not new, they work perfectly with my new glasses which ARE new. A host of vintage glasses with color and pattern change metals as well as glass opacity options are out for your buying pleasure. Shown here is the "old round spectacles" style, but there are many more including some 50s and 60s shapes you may or may not remember depending on your age *wink*.

It's Sunday so here is my Op Ed addition -- it's a short one this week.

Now that I am no longer spending four or more hours a day in Blender, I have options. Well I always had options; I didn't HAVE to be in Blender all that time. I did enjoy it though and hope to visit mesh making again. Meanwhile it is interesting to note in that far-distance viewing mode how my virtual life has changed since last week's unscheduled informative post.

I am helping out more in the blogger group, chatting more with bloggers I don't know at all -- taking longer with my photo shoots -- sometimes. All good. I even continued work on my next machinima project. It is WAY in pre-production -- meaning I am making movies that can go on screens and be filmed INSIDE the final movie (oh my!).

Today (Friday) I ventured over to Smokey Hills which Lani enjoyed so much. I was thinking of breaking out a wearable bike from {what next}, but in my neatness I had packed them away. So, I'll need to come a bit more prepared next time. There are many long serpentine roads here on which to hone my biking skills. The beach is beautiful, rugged and windy.

All in all I am doing pretty well at the Day Five-Point-Five mark. I am hoping though that we can go back in time and retrieve our content creator rights. Some designers have stopped producing for now, others have packed up and exited the building. I love my STUFF! I am guessing you do too. So let's keep our fingers crossed that PR spins translate into actual changes -- for the good of us all.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * BROOKLYN* (new)
Sandals by BAIASTICE (not new)

Poses by: aDORKable


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