Bring in the Clowns

When I opened up a box of goodies from AD Creations I was immediately drawn to this design called "Circus". Part of the MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012, it gets thousands of points for creativity. I absolutely ADORE the feet which curl over the balancing balls. Definitely a love affair going on there.

I have to admit that I was very happy to have this outfit for filming purposes. I just completed the first entry (over-achiever Chic) in the University of Western Australia's fifth machinima contest with the theme "Seek Wisdom". It has been well received and is a good work that shows off the campus nicely and follows the theme. I am happy with it.  But the artist inside me wants to do something WAY outside of the box, slightly bizarre and immensely creative. I don't expect to win come June, but I want to add something memorable to the great films that are bound to emerge. I have a vague plan which is all I ever have, and today I went over to my neighbor's LEA13 exhibit and filmed. So very perfect!

Also perfect for this costume, one of the many new fantasy skins just out from [Katsucide]. This is the Sandra Cendre - Ensoleillee - Light. There are two darker gray tones available. All are monochromatic gray tones except for the makeup.

Poses by: AKEYO, Props N Poses

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    # by AlizaKaru - February 20, 2012 at 2:32 PM

    lovely, ty so much, im happy u like!!♥♥♥