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Now if you are up on your hunts and decor, you recognize the coffee bar and the wall art as being from the Cafe Hunt. Gold stars for you. But our story really DOES start here. Well, maybe a bit further back than that when Lani decided she was tired of a roommate and wanted her own place. That lead to an apartment which coincidentally enough had all the tenants but one (I kid you not) leave this last week when horses and dogs and who knows what other odd noisy characters moved into the neighborhood.

In the end, I gave her the prims from my studio which I seldom use any longer. She moved down to the ground in a tiny house I built long ago. It is perfect for her and she is very happy. But, back to the story. Someone sent me a note about Dutchies and a new furniture hunt. Since Lani has almost no furniture, she was very interested -- and THAT's what lead to a two day hunting expedition on the HIWTHI Hunt.  There are tons of great things, both big and small, in this hunt but it all started with these great stools. They are color change and have amazing animations (so natural!).  There are some hints in this hunt, put out by the vendors themselves. Many stops however have NO clues and there are often BIG stores so it may take some time to find the smallish white sign with a red heart. My clue for Dutchies is not to stray too far from the landing point :D.

Except for some books and a dollarbie candle purchased on the Marketplace, Lani furnished her house for free. She had about 200 prims to work with and insisted on including the 28 prim cherry tree from the Concert Hunt; it really is lovely.  While not too many of the HIWTHI items made it into her current abode, she kept plenty of things for the future. There are impressive and primmy items as well as some very nice almost prim free (wouldn't THAT be nice) decor.

One of her favorite finds is this all in one table, lamp, flowers and book accent from Cheeky Pea. The Leftover Table weighs in at 17 prims and has nice lighting for those late night visitors. The double picture frames -- awaiting some personal memento art -- are a 3 prim bargain from Whiz HQ. They are mod of course so that you can add your photos or arty textures.  Making it into the long shot before this one is an extremely cute set of vintage paper doll pages -- just part of the gift from Second Spaces ; a dresser comes in the prize pack.

Edit: Some very early morning rearranging brought those paper doll pages down to eye level and she added a painting from Eric's Art Gallery on the Season's Palette Hunt.

The comfy chair with dotted pillow is color change and has many great animations. It is from Park Place Home Decor. Happily there is a very good hint right by the hunt poster on your arrival.  This is a no copy item so pick up two if you are in need of duo sitting.

There are BIG prizes in the mix. This beach house hales from Designer Prims. Check outside.

And there are small and lovely things like this delicate and ornate music box with revolving heart (and glass cover which didn't photograph well).

Find it at Patron.  The operatic music track is touch on - off, so even if you are not an opera lover, you can enjoy!

Spring is coming and there are plenty of outdoor gifts including picnic blankets and a super cute little row boat to set in the water or on dry land. It comes with lazy day poses, pillows and decor. The boat can be found at Cafe Curiosity in my old stomping grounds of New Toulouse.

These are just a few of the great prizes you can find on this hunt. Remember some stores are VERY big. If you get lost (and there are a couple of spots with wrong landmarks and confusion) just go to the official blog and look up the next store in search. That worked for me most of the time.

Woops.  Almost forgot to tell you that these one prim chairs (and one prim for the separate cushions) are from Grendel's Children.  The chairs are just one item of a big pack and there are cuddle poses too if you choose to use those. You will need to go to TWO stores to pick everything up (19A and 19B). The landmark for the second stop is in the pack from the first.

Happy housewares hunting.

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    # by Ceejay Writer - February 6, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    There's some wonderfully fun stuff on this hunt - great variety! I'm one of the builders (Cafe Curiousity) and I am thrilled to be in such amazingly creative company! Enjoy your goodies!

    (the link to Cafe Curiousity goes to Patron - might you fix it to this: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse%20Bourbon/164/192/23 )

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    # by Chic Aeon - February 6, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    Thanks. Yes a great hunt and I did fix your link. I have some major copy and paste issues for whatever reason. It took me four (yes 4) tries before I could actually get your link pasted into Blogger. Who knows? Enjoy NT. It is a great place!