Fame - At Last :D

Those of you in the Firestorm camp (Chic Aeon raises her hand) most likely know there is a brand new release out as of yesterday. I couldn't get into the sim for office hours OR onto the stream at the beginning, but did hear the last 45 minutes or so of the meeting. Some great new features have arrived with lots more in the works. You can get to the downloads from the main Phoenix-Firestorm page.

And a great big thanks to whoever took the time to take an original photo and feature my LEA installation as part of the Phoenix login screen. I have really arrived *wink*. Thanks also to my RL friend, "EE", for letting me know about the glory points and taking this screenshot. I don't see them on Firestorm it seems; I will have to see if that is an option.

Lots of folks have been stopping by and that makes me happy! By the way, you can pick up the umbrella shown in the photo, complete with photogenic pose at my installation at LEA12.

Update: Looks like my installation is also in the SL Destination guide. So thanks to the editor that gave me a thumbs up and  perhaps the "Linden" who took the photo? Works for me.

/me runs off doing a happy dance