Now I am perfectly willing to admit to being tardy on this one -- except that it just arrived in my inventory this morning. Doing some research, it seems like it was sent to the group on the 11th and according to the accompanying note it was only available for  Project Themeory's theme of "love is in the air" for that day.

What is the "it" in my previous paragraph? Why the Back to Back pose of course from BOOM. It is very nicely done and I am hoping to include it as part of a new film, so of course I wanted to show it to you. Group messages and deliveries have always been spotty, so I guess this isn't new news. Just to make sure I hadn't overlooked the delivery (and I do that at times), I checked my "acquired" date and the box came in last night just before midnight. At least my sanity is still in check :D.

ANYWAY, it is a very cute pose. Credit given.

Pose by: Boom