STEAM 6 - March 2012

Steam 6 starts at midnight and while I know from past experience that there will be stores that aren't ready as the clock chimes in the new day, some have their prizes out. I did a tiny bit of hunting this eve heading off from The Julia Collection where the hint lead me immediately to the prize (a very pretty set of parasols that will surely come in handy for vintage attire). Of the gifts I found, this is the one I thought would be of greatest interest to the fashionistas. The outfit includes an open suit skirt which I cast off easily, frequently in tomboy mode.  A telescope and map hang from a leather strap. Find this at Brain Circuit. There is a version sized for guys too.

Steam 6 start location is here. There "should" be hints at each stop by the hunt posters. You can join the hunt group at the start location. In the past there has been a clickable list of hunt stops given out in group; it is not clear if this will be happening again, but if so you really want that list :D.

Have fun!

Poses by: EverGlow