In the Wilds

It's turning green in my neck of the woods. Little plants are stretching their necks, pushing out from their winter bed. Time for some outdoor adventures and maybe a bit of bird watching. You can pick up this great binocular set with spiffy case from BP over in Drowsy. Look for the stack of tan hat boxes to get your gift. It had been a long while since I had visited Drowsy. I was pretty bereaved when the library was taken back into storage.

Drowsy is a dense forest these days with meandering wooden paths that lead to secret resting spots. It is all quite cozy and magical with a few opportunities to buy things along the way. With tons of great photo ops and plenty to explore, you'll want to venture over soon.

These new boots, just out from
MayCreations, are perfect for stomping around in the woods and marshes. This is the combat version with knife, bullets and small pistol. Other styles including plain are available.

They come in small and large versions and are manually mod. 

Click photo for larger picture.

Poses by: binoculars, couch and LAP