Seraphim HQ Renew

Some very pretty jewelry came in last eve from KOSH and CONCRETE FLOWERS. These are free items and I know you always love those. You can pick up both items as group gifts at Seraphim HQ.  Now, I had no idea what Seraphim was, but headed over to check it out.

Here is the group charter info:
A group for those who wish to follow the blog and to be notified of new posts featuring sales and events, with a heaping dose of quality content! Visit the blog at - a blog that cares!
The good news is that are lots of nice gift posters on the wall to pick from. Not all are available right now. A sign at the entrance says that they are switching vendors over. I have a RL friend coming into SL this week and it is of course my job as a good friend to show her wear the best goodies are while she earns some money to shop. There is a beautiful vendor photo of a skin that looks like it would be perfect for her. Unfortunately it is one of the items not quite yet ready, so I can't show you that. Hopefully it will be available by Wednesday when she is coming for her lessons :D.

The very nicely made and season appropriate tank I am wearing is one of three neutral colors from Onyx Wear, another Seraphim gift.

Pose by: Amacci