Pinstripes and Swagger

That hearts and flowers holiday is coming up and for some of you that means date night. If you are a guy and a makeover is in your future -- or even just a wardrobe update, here are two new releases to check out. Egoisme's Evian - Noah skin is a knockout and for those of you that like that exotic dark look? This is medium skin tone. There are tintable tattoo layers for that perfect coloring. There is also a pale version. Plenty of body and hair options are included in the packs.  Billed as the skin of a jet setting man, I have to agree.

If suave is your style, this new group gift MESH suit from Yasum may be just for you. It comes in two sizes with Chav wearing the large. Chav isn't a big guy by SL standards, so think "average" build for this attire. There is a small size also. Shoes are included as well as a tie pin (not shown). Find the vendors here.  There are two sets of group vendors and one is for another group, not Yasum Designs. It can be a bit confusing.

There is a group gift for the ladies too and I will show you that soon. 

Poses by: Diesel Works