Changing Seasons

The seasons are changing and while some of us are looking forwards to Spring, others and moving into Fall.  The new Amira set from Graffitiwear comes in lots of colors. I immediately opened the one called "Autumnal". You see I had a very pretty new MESH chaise under my cherry tree just waiting for a correspondingly toned outfit *wink*.

Now the Amira outfit comes with a long skirt and it is a pretty one. Be we all know that skirts and chaises don't play well together in SL. And, I am most comfortable in pants when working and such. The good news is that the glitch pants can do double duty and nicely.  The head wrap is separate from the scarf so you have choices in accessories. The belt fits me perfectly so I am a happy gal there. The hair in the hood is blond and mod so if you have some intermediate building skills you can adjust to fit your favorite hair color. Update: Woops, silly me. The hair is color change. Click to get a menu of ten colors. It also has a resize script.
So here I am lounging on the new Cheeky Pea Charlie Chaise. Are you ready for some SIN?

The Festival of Sin opens on Saturday! and this is the offering from the Cheeky Pea shop. The chaise has four sets of color combos with this being "grunge". It is also packed full of poses including reading (book magically appears). Find it here when the fair opens. This is an ADULT sim that appears to requires age verification so some folks may not be able to visit.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the chaise