Jack and Jill -- Up the Hill?

I did a little dabbling in the Jack or Jill Hunt this eve. I can't say it was easy going. The first two stores I tried (favorites of mine) were no go. One had a no buy item and one had an empty but for landmark. Hmmm. I persevered and I was not alone; there were plenty of hunters out. There are two paths; one for gals and one for guys. Some stores have prizes for both. Some stores have them together (handy).

The prize objects are small and nondescript with no color and nothing very noteworthy to catch your attention. So keep your eyes pealed and read the clues on the blog. At least one store in my very skimpy sampling resized the item to barely viewable (sigh). So my eve was not exactly easy going.

I did come away with two very nice prizes to show you. The Gangster outfit from [ SAKIDE ] comes with two shirts, a gray and a red version. It also comes with both gray and red short boots. I see the boots on the vendor photo. I see the boots in my inventory. But when I try and wear the boots, they are invisible -- like totally.

The shoes are mesh, but I have a mesh viewer. I tried rezzing them with the same effect. I said it had been a tough night, so who knows what is up there. VERY odd. The shirts and low cut black pinstripe slacks are very cute though, so be sure and catch that store. The hat is included and could probably work for guys too.

My second pick of the night is this very pretty tattoo from Endless Pain Tattoos. Lots of layer options are included. There is a tattoo for guys on the "Jack" path.  So thanks to these folks for the high quality prizes and for actually having them out the day the hunt started! Yeah.

Poses by: LAP and Juxtapose