Wrapping Up February

A new month is on the horizon and with it a change of seasons, the promise of flowers and greenery and some new events.  I spent the afternoon on the trail of the Beauty and the Beast Hunt, a Gorean Gridwide event. Now I am not in the Gorean camp but there are often items that cross interests and there were a few in this hunt. My two favorites are shown here. A really lovely necklace from The Legacy, stop number #57 is pick one.

My second pick of the hunt is a collection of roses from Trident #50, a store I have visited often in the past when looking for things that grow. There are a variety of bushes, all multiples and each one prim. Two sizes (4 and 7 meters) are shown in the background. These are truly lovely and a great addition to your Spring and Summer gardens.

I can't give this hunt lots of gold stars. Hints often seemed obtuse (not the two stores mentioned here happily), many landmarks repeated, seemed wrong or went nowhere  (may just be a temporary thing) and in general I thought the search more difficult than most. Hence, I only found about half of the items in half of the stores, maybe less. Still these two prizes are well worth going after.

Now I bet you are wondering about this gorgeous dress -- well how could you not? It is new from JANE for the Mesh March Madness event which open March 1. The shop layout looks very easy to navigate and there are sure to be some great things there. I can happily report that this was just one of many boxes I received tonight and the only one I had time to open. Since it was perfect for my post and fit superbly (many sizes are included), it was the winner for the eve. I am definitely looking forward to opening those other boxes. It's almost like Christmas.

So stay tuned and get ready for some lag and some fun as the calendar page turns.

Poses by: aDORKable "Legs" at Festival of Sin (new)

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    # by Eden Knoller - March 5, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Thanks for a great synopsis, Chic. I also learned today from an reliable source that LL will no longer be publishing any stats to the public. So here, here, anonymous! As long as we continue to be good consumers and purchase Lindens, go to sex sims and refer our friends for said things, we are just fine. Ask for anything else, and it probably has been or will soon be withheld.