Hearts and Flowers

It is getting close to that lover's holiday. And even if you don't HAVE a lover, you can treat yourself like you hope your would-be lover would.  That  means flowers and candies (chocolate preferred of course).  Wearable roses from -Hanaya-  Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery let you feel loved -- even if just from yourself *wink*.  There are also display versions in vases and boxes should your prim allowance allow. 

My retro lingerie is from Reasonable Desires, a new release called Valentina.

If you think I am looking a little pale, it is simply this new fantasy skin from Akeruka called Wicket. Eight different eyemakeups (all similar to the one shown) let you be stunning even perhaps after death.  The body of the skin is simply shaded so the main draw is the lovely face.

Last up are these great new MESH boots from lassitude & ennui.  The Flutter boots are for the Back to Black event and will be available until February 29th (oh a leap year!). There are also two luscious dark toned versions with patterns in red and teal (my fave). With five sizes to choose from most avatars can find a perfect fit. I am wearing small.

Poses by: Adorkable new Bag Lady II

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    # by Nicole Gamble - February 13, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    Super post! I`ll send it to all my friends!