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Trains Planes and Automobiles

I have never been to Italy in our corporeal world, but I did venture over this morning to the new EGOISME build, a picturesque train station. Train sounds, steam and scattered luggage give the area a realistic feel. It's a popular place, being in the destination guide. I spent awhile derendering avatars in my field of view.

My outfit of the morn includes some new mesh jeans from Ducknipple. These lazy jeans are just that with lowered crotch and slouchy bottoms. What makes these stand out is that they have the shoes WITH the pants. Both are color change with lots of traditional jean colors and a variety of shoe shades. The front of the jeans are unbuttoned at the top. There is also a version of just jeans.

I think these are a great idea as it is often tricky finding mesh pants and shoes that play well together. 

My hair is one of the changeable ones from EMO-tions. The second style is long and straight with no pony tail. This was apparently at My Attic awhile back, but I must have missed it. Now you can find it in the store -- most likely as of SATURDAY.

Oh, my title is actually correct (well more or less) for this locale. There are some very cool vintage cars as well as a dirigible or two. Plenty of great photo ops abound.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: aDORKable


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