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HGE -- The Houses


Houses come in all sizes and styles at the Home and Garden Expo. Here is a taste of some of the offerings.

One of the most interesting of the Expo is this beautifully detailed house from Pixel Mode (Sim2). I am not exactly sure "why" that is -- it seems to be the feeling I get when I am inside; an energy thing. It is architectonic in style with squares, rectangles and edges dominating the design.

Details abound with windows taking on unusual ratios and decor shapes built into the walls.

It is a one story house, roomy but not big enough to get lost in; a good size for many people.

There are some darling path lights and a paving stone set, both RFL items.

Many edges take on slight curves which give a feeling of calm.  The finishes are smoothly spectacular.

Barnesworth Anubis (Sim 2) presents a California styled home with Spanish influences; the Santa Barbara Bungalow. It boasts both front and back patios as well as a tiled kitchen nook.

It is a welcoming place with arched doorways and window walls.

The back patio includes and outdoor fireplace for those nights with a chill in the air and shade offering louvered patio roof.

The RFL items are the greenery filled planters and the flagstone pavers.

This two-story, beamed ceiling cottage is named Gale and hales from Cheeky Pea on Sim 2. Numerous design details add to the charm; high ceilings offer coolness on warm summer nights.

The cottage comes in a variety of colors, both pastels and brighter tones.

RFL items include a cute little calendar shaped like a house and a bright sunny gold version of this cottage.

And from CIRCA (Sim 4) there is an ultramodern glass house with attached entry vestibule.


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