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Smoke Filled Rooms

I evidently used up all my inspiration on Berry's meme haiku *wink* as I have no idea what to call this post. It gets harder once you pass that 2500 mark.   Ahhhh. Got one!

There's lots to talk about in this photo shoot. Let's start up top with hair. We all like hair. Some of us are absolutely fanatical about hair.  This is eXxEsS : NAWIA in  jet which is actually a dark smokey gray (keeping with the theme). It is my favorite so far of the shaved sides (hairbase) mixed with rigged mesh super long locks. This version has added braids on both sides.

My new neck adornment is the lassitude & ennui Chunky black necklace which is actually a gunmetal color (smoking gun?). There is also a gold version and a silver model.

My outfit appeared mysteriously in my Objects folder (having auto-accept on is sometimes like Christmas) from a shop I didn't know, {simply magik}. This is the Vintage set in purple. There are several different versions of the top featuring a variety of midriff patterns. I chose this one because of the charcoal nature of the middle print.  There are prim bell-bottoms included. Later note: the designer wrote to let me know that was a Midnight Mania board prize from when I was out hunting the other eve. So funny.

Now I have no idea if Isla Gealach reads this blog other than when her items are featured, but if she does ---  she may have noted my comment on the skimpiness of good quality grunge props and furniture. I am a happy gal with the new Cheeky Pea - Hutton Barrel Stools and Table just out for the Men's Dept. The release includes a fun beer chandelier which I do have hanging but didn't make it into this shot. There is a huge choice of stools, some with country flag motifs. Drop by and see them all out for perusal.

Last but not least by far are these new, beautifully textured,  rigged mesh wedged sneakers from K-Code.

The MAYSSA shoes come with and without buttoned socks in seven different colors and three sizes. I wear the large so small gals will most likely find a perfect fit -- like Cinderella!

The leg warmers are really antique, back from when prims were prims and we made eyelashes in the shape controller :D.  There was a gap between pants and socks you see. Some things you just should never throw away.

Poses by LAP (nla) and Everglow


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