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Out exploring this eve, I picked LEA16 as it looked interesting on the Destination Guide. It is indeed that. I have to say that it seems more like several sims than one there is so much to see.

Futuristic builds meld with organic shapes and chakra themes to produce an awe inspiring adventure.

There is much to explore here and while you are wandering keep your eyes pealed for glowing globes (seven in all) which give prizes.  I found all the gifts while wandering as well as an official "free gift package".

It's late in my world after a long day, but these hunt items may make their way into a post soon. There is plenty of time for you to find yours; this is an LEA Artist in Residence build and will be around awhile.  Click on the hunt poster at the landing point to get some clues as to the orbs whereabouts.

My outfit is made up of recent releases from  Ducknipple, the Brinta Dress and the Viva Collar which go together in a spectacular way. I added leggings being a "pants" gal.

Poses by: aDORKable


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