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EIS Hunt

I went out with a friend on the EnMESHed Into Summer Hunt today. It is a short hunt and I like those. While there were some issues getting onto the hunt trail (see earlier post), there are some great prizes. There were a few issues towards the end with landmarks seeming incorrect and a couple of stores I didn't find, but there are some great prizes on this hunt so it is worth doing.

We each picked our favorites of the day and here are mine. This super low prim skybox  complete with lattice planter and lounge chair is from Michigan Shack, the first stop on the hunt. It's a little tricky to find but it isn't too far from the landing point, so get the hint and stay in that general area.

This really cute mesh swimsuit is from Mmm...Kay! and really easy to find as the store is tiny. I am wearing a standard size S which is my norm and it fits perfectly.

A most unexpected prize was this hummingbird feeder from Ruth's Creations. So very cute, I modded it down a bit in size. The chain is copy so you can add extra as needed. There are other models in the store for sale.

Di's favorite prize was this outdoor set from Stitches Creations. There are several animations to choose from, both gals and guys.

Her retro romper outfit including boots and belt is from VERO MODERO.

There are plenty of mesh wearbles on this hunt including a few things for guys. There are other very nice prizes that didn't make it onto our review list.

Two that are noteable and that I think some of you might love are a fancy dress and shoe set -- well not a set as they are from two different stores, but they work well together.

The short 60s party dress (black top and pastel full and layered skirt) can be found at Lauren's Secret.  And "matching" dressy black heels are at Shoenique Designs (the landing point is quite a ways from the shop; start walking).

There are also some great earrings that go nicely with my swimsuit but didn't make it into the shot (well they wouldn't have shown up anyway) from Pure Poison.

There are also some very pretty wind chimes at stop number 2, Tia.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Poses by: aDORKable, LAP (nla) and the furniture


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