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Sneak Peak Home Expo - Outdoors

Just a few shots and general locations of some of my favorite outdoor builds at the Expo. I am sure I'll find more on my explorations.

I just love this little hen house at Kismet, Sim 1.

Also in Sim 1, a very happy Autumn garden with Fall peas, onions and pumpkin. So cute. Find it at Dysfunctional Designs.

It would be difficult to miss this huge build by Studio Skye at Sim 4. Lots of paths to explore. Photo ops abound.

This country lane is so very nice. Find it at Sim 2 along the outer edge. This is by Two Moon Gardens. There are many lovely garden areas in the Expo. In my personal tests, this was one of the most framerate friendly. The path meanders through varying flora and it feels very much like you are on a country farm road.

If you love plants, don't miss out on the garden tour. Just click any of the signs you see along your journey to get a list of all the lovely garden spaces at the event.


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