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Two Views

It isn't daybreak yet in my corner of the corporeal world, but it is morning in the MOSP garden. My photo of the early hours includes three new releases -- well four if you count my new Manuela skin from AKERUKA which I am so loving.

*New hair releasing today from EMO-tions, * ARADIA * shown here in the color autumn
*A gorgeous new flower necklace (there are also earrings) from ECLECTICA called FLORA which has color changed options for all parts including many choices for the flower.
*A recent release from DUCKNIPPLE called 2Basic - Dress 1, part of a set of simple but very pretty garments perhaps designed with new avatars in mind.The hud includes both plain colors and patterns.

There is a bit of an op ed section to this post. I want to talk a moment about the new viewer and baking system. I am in the Firestorm camp and updated a couple of days after the newest release rolled out. I am thrilled with many of the new features including a choice of derezzing options.

The new viewers are part of the servers side baking system; everyone will need a new style viewer soon. Along the way there is some good news and some not so good news. I had noted long before the new viewers came out that I had taken a framerate hit. Most of you would not be aware, but since I film and run a sim that is designed for filming, watching performance  is pretty much ingrained in my daily life. FPS are a big deal for me.

I wondered what the future would bring and I am still wondering. What I have noted with the new viewer and possibly some of the new texture baking servers side (not sure how much of that is happening yet) is that it takes forever for alpha layers to show up. They do, finally -- but a lengthy amount of time. On the plus side the new lighting system -- when turned on -- is a big improvement. My two year old computer is not particularly happy running with shadows these days. It works; just noisy. BUT, even without "shadows" you now HAVE shadows. The difference is that the sun, moon, projector shadows are CAST shadows.The new lighting system has built in FORM shadows. (See this article for more info.) Perhaps they are simply better form shadows, but I'm not going back to the older viewer to test that premise :D.

You can see this clearly in my two examples above. So if your computer can use ultra mode and you haven't installed a new viewer yet, you might want to give it a try. The world is considerably prettier.

Pose by: aDORKable from the new Ella set


Anonymous said…
Nice post! I hadn't thought about cast versus form shadows and enjoyed learning more about this.

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