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A Change of Seasons

May has been a super busy month for me -- maybe for you too. June is filled with promise with lots of great new venues changing the guard. Of particular note it The Challenge for designers, with this month's theme being INDUSTRIAL. Some outstanding items are coming in and I am very much looking forward to showing them to you. Also soon to come is a new round of The Arcade. I am not a gatcha gal, but even I will be journeying over this time when the crowds cool down. There are some outstanding things including some machines that I would be happy to have any of the items -- that works for me. At the top of my personal list (some things I have you see *wink*) is variety of games form Second Spaces. I would CHOOSE the backgammon, but all look good.

There are some good looking hunts on the horizon including Numerology (sorry, not a hunt - an event :D), Cookie Jar 2nd Anniversary and The Silk Road. Watch for info on those blogs. Join the Historical Hunts group to get the list of shops.

My outfit contains newness as well as some freeness. Both good. My new hairdo which I really like is an upcoming release from EMO-tions (Saturday). Look for Ellen.

My outfit is the Midnight prize (actually two boards) from Sakide. I tapped them as I was picking up those great bikinis yesterday. Notable is that the top comes in many sections even though mesh. So the buttons, tie, and cuffs are all "add" items. It works really well -- for me anyway. I think fitting might be an issue with the top, but certainly worth a try. It is very nicely made. The skirt runs large.

Speaking of The Arcade, this pose and flowers (different colors for different poses) will be the offering from aDORKable.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: aDORKable at the Arcade in June


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