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Bright Sunshine

It's just getting light in my neck of the woods but dawn has broken at MOSP long ago.

COLLABOR88 opens today and I suspect the sim is full as always. When it dies down a bit you will of course want to journey over and see the newness. From Trompe Loeil, I give you the Beach Bungalow in Teal and Yellow. I spent the last hour or so (yawn) placing it on Beach Walk. A little terraforming was needed to use it at its best.

It is a cutie with interestingly shaped rooms. There is a small room which I turned into a "kid's room" and a room that is most likely meant as a master bedroom and I made a music room. There is plenty of space for a kitchen if you want one.

There are also furniture releases from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88. This tall cabinet comes in many colors, with and without decal decorations. And the tri planter in the top photo is  SO CUTE!!!! and so very inexpensive you can hardly not get one or many :D.  See more info and close ups on those items here.

My sweater and shirt combo is a new (color change hud) release from 20.FIVE.

Now I want to put in a plug for these new poses by STATUS called Nailed It. They were designed to show off the "new mesh nails" out there. Now I don't have those "new mesh nails" *wink*, but I do have regular ones and the poses work great with them. I think she really did a good job of nailing it! :D

Poses by: STATUS from the new Nailed It set.


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