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I love food props. In the olden days though they came with hefty prim counts. I still have some of those props out, but you can bet that as my land impact points get filled, I'll be taking them down in favor of smart mesh. These gorgeous plates of food are one land impact each for the most part; the tray in the middle is more.

All this virtual tummy filling food is part of the new Cheeky Pea release for FaMESHed.The picnic table comes filled with lots of animations, both for eating and lounging. The barbecue has touch on-off particle effects and now and then spurts at you when the grease touches the coals. Much fun.

There is a pool with both adult and kid animations as well as some for couples. The pennant string way in the background is part of the release along with a similar lantern string.

The lawn chair is an old release from Sways and my swimsuit is very antique and from a hunt. Hair from Discord Designs.

Now I think I'll get back to lounging in the pool while the typist does a similar dip in warm water for the morn.

Poses by: the furniture


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