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Both oldtimers and new folks are at the Home and Garden Expo 2013.

I really had to smile when I opened the quilt stand with brightly stitched quilt from Robin Sojourner Wood who many of us instantly thank in our minds for the big improvements she made and shared in the textured clothing area. These home decor items are outstanding, beautifully crafted with land impact as low as you can go.  There is going to be a $10 donation to RFL hunt at the Expo and this amazing stool with quilt is the prize from her area.  Multiple animations with /1a adjustments, it should work for many folks. A great prop, it could double as a colorful modeling stool.

The wall sconce with candles is the other RFL item from NACH (see previous post).

Also in the I'm-so-glad-I-have-this category is a country casual living room set from Atelier Visconti  (main store). The AV booth at RFL is tiny, like mine,  and we are on the same sim.  I zipped over to see if he had set up his booth and he had. We have the BEST EVER Sponsor on our sim who is making the little guys look as good as we can look. Yeah!  The Atelier Visconti area is beautifully set up and I found that you can buy all of these great items separately.

Super low prim and artfully crafted they also come with some of the best animations I have seen.  All these items are now happily living in the new Trompe Loeil house (still available at COLLABOR88).  They work wonderfully well together.

The couch and afghan are pattern change by hud with lots and lots of choices.  There are both couples and singles (male and female) animations.

My personal favorites of this set include the clock which weighs in at 4 LI. It keeps time and you can set it easily to your personal time zone. The hassock has some really great animations included and there is a pattern change hud also.

There are other items out that didn't make it into my shots. Alas, so much to cover and only so much time and energy.

Another new addition to the Beach Bungalow is this fun set of framed prints from COBBLESTONE (main store).  There is also a set in a square pattern should that fit your space more pleasingly. COBBLESTONE has a great build at the Expo including a fun outdoor area for kids.


May 24th - June 2nd 2013

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by the furniture


Arya Braveheart said…
Great post! Love the muted tones in the photos. Gorgeous. Thank you!
Fallacy DeCuir said…
Aw that looks so cute! Great post, Chic! ^.^

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