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Lost Halls of Archeon

My post title hints of mystery and legend and perhaps a new sim to visit. The first two themes are correct. The sim to visit could simply be yours as this is a prefab builder's set; a dungeon of sorts.

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. I rely on it often. Who knew that one my way to the Mesh Forum I would spot a "newly created" thread asking for blogger interest?  I am, if nothing else, a very good little blogger. I check out everything. Off I went.

The demo was indeed impressive and I sent off a notecard lickety-split. Today the owner-designer of Win Factory Mesh Works found me up at 3000 meters where I was building a full sim city. After I congratulated him on his sleuthing abilities we chatted awhile and he gave me this Lost Halls of Archeon basic set.

After finishing up my building of the day (yes, I did start at 5 AM), a little voice reminded me it was time to do another post. Instead, I opened the dungeon set and started to play. Now you will need some building skills if you plan on adding this to your land. But, if you can maneuver furniture around, you can probably handle this. The set is an INTERIOR, not a full castle basement or anything like that. It doesn't need to be enclosed by walls as you will never see the light of day -- you DID get that dungeon mention I hope.

I am easily seduced by textures and these are lovely, a great photographic backdrop for sure and a multi-use role play environment. The set comes with a basic building with four possible "exits". To this you add the hall or halls, another basic building etc. Twists and turns can easily be made. Torch lights are separate prims and can be added or not as you theme warrants.

My build will be fairly small with this as (gasp) I am beginning to run out of prims. This is, by the way, a very reasonable land impact count. I do plan to make a surround of some kind  -- a cave wall, a rockface or some such prop to go at the end of one gated doorway. So, since I know this will take awhile, I succumbed to the siren's call and took these photos to show you. Zip over to the shop and see the demo. There is also a more modern build.

My hair which also serendipitously turned up just when I needed it is a SATURDAY release, PASSION,  from EMO-tions. Very pretty, it is definitely in the long ago and far away style book.

My outfit is made up of old hunt prizes no longer available. Did I ever think I would actually USE bloody bandages? Well, "no" -- but you just never know. Save all UNUSUAL props. That's my credo.

Poses by: STATUS and aDORKable


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