Dystopic Diva

It's pretty rustic over at Uber this month -- in that last days, world is over, we must carry on -- kinda way. Of course carrying on means being stylish along the way. There are lots of great wearables for both gals and guys as well as some pretty tremendous niche items.

This is the scrapyard skirt from CARGO.  Three neutral color choices and optional belt let you style as you prefer.

And as you can see, this skirt moves well!
So grab a demo and see if it looks as good on you as it does on me - LOL.

My windy Lena hair is out from MINA for My Attic.
The 22769  Serpentia Necklace comes in three color choices; find it at The Jewelry Fair.

My perfectly coordinating top is unfortunately very antique; earth wind fire -stone-top from EMO-tions.

Poses by: EveryGlow, Helamiyo