Meet Ace

Meet Ace. Newest member of the MOSP family and brother to Pearl, the resident protector of territories. He is less than an hour old in this shot and running wildly most of the time. I had forgotten how FAST newborn kitties can be.

And also how very tiny. Happily he is much easier to spot being a lovely FIRESTORM orange. Here he is getting brushed by a friend. The brush comes with the petting animations, perhaps only for new kitties and possibly a new feature. I don't think I ever tried petting any of the newly birthed kittens.

You can pick up your own Firestorm Anniversary Permapet at a long list of locations. There is also a motorcycle gift AND a party going on.

Here is all the info if you missed it.

A big thanks to the Firestorm team for making our lives easier and better and to Kittycats and Desert Morning Motors for the commemorative gifts.