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Flea Market Finds - Arcade

Nostalgia. If you are in the younger crowd, you may have never been to a fondue party. You are missing something -- cholesterol for one thing, but back in the early 70s we didn't think about that. Heavens, we may not have even known to worry about it :D.

Out for The Arcade from Second Spaces, a big collection of accessories that will bring back some fond memories.

 These pieces mix nicely with my personal retro collection, many of them Second Spaces releases.  Here music memorabilia join in film canisters next to the vintage (working) television. It's all in the details.

I had to smile when I looked closely at these old time patterns. Back then a 34 bust was a size 16!  Oh my.  You can check out the whole collection by going to the catalog on The Arcade website.

Have fun!


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