Home and Garden Expo RFL

Park Slope Townhouse by Thistle Homes

The Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo opens today.  From giant flower-filled pots to ultra modern homes, there is truly something for everyone. Log cabins, villas, fantasy builds and an impressive castle, it is easy to get lost in all there is to see.

There are nine sims to explore and one of the easiest ways NOT to get lost (yep, I still did when flying WITH the map open) is to find the info center for each sim. From there you can see the layout for that sim as well as tp directly to your favorite designers.

Don't miss the folks you DON'T know however; this is a great way to find new shops that reflect your style.

The sims are running well now, better than last year with less stressful trees in evidence, but still when opening time comes it is bound to get laggy. So, you know the drill. Dress down. Textures and minimal scripts are your friends. Turn off shadows and lower your draw distance. You really don't need to see the next sim -- or even the other half of the one you are on -- until you get there.