Misty Clouds


The Cheeky Pea Corset Chair can be found at a new adult furniture event called Consensual.  The good news for some of us is that it also comes in a PG version.

Exotic Scheherazade slippers by Eclectica - so very sexy.
Hair by Lelutka.

Now there is a bit more of a story to this post. Tuesday last a blogger in my blogger support group was wondering how to get depth of field when taking big photos (like 3000 or so). Some folks said it wouldn't work. I chimed in (during a meeting that I was supposed to be paying attention to :D) that I do it all the time. Settings were asked for and of course they are different each time; I just play until it works.

This was taken at 3840 x 2373 which is my norm.

So here we are those that wanted to know. In THIS instance, these were the settings. May that help you in your DOF adventures.

Pose by: the chair of course