HGE - Dutchie

Along with a very impressive mansion (see in and earlier post ), Dutchie offers plenty of smaller items for your Home and Garden Expo buying pleasure.

Furniture comes with feature full menus to change colors, poses and security. One of my favorite thing about Dutchie's homewares is their scale. They are actually average size (oh my!). And for you that really must be eight feet tall? They are modify :D.

Items are classic is style with modern touches. This writing desk has a long list of computer animations for example. Props appear via a pop-up and disappear when you change the pose. I thought this one particularly clever with crumpled paper on the ground. There is another getting ready to throw said paper wad. So appropriate for a writer.

So stop by the Dutchie display at Expo. It is difficult to miss. Just look for all the grapevines in Sim 2.

And now that we have embarked on a very brief tour, I would like to invite you to read more about Dutchie, the mansion and -- well, SL life at Prim Perfect Magazine. Scroll on over to page 13 and enjoy.