MESH PROJECT September Update

The Mesh Project sent out an update pack Monday eve. A friend of mine got one too, but not my alt so you may need to take a trip to the store to get the new and improved versions.

Both hands and body improvements are in evidence; the breasts and nipples (not something I actually LOOK at often *wink*) seem more defined; there are most likely other subtle differences.

On a personal note I can now wear the body and my legacy head without a choker (a BIG plus in my book). While wandering through my inventory looking for items for the fitted neck blender I noted that I had the chocolate version of my old everyday skin. Amazingly there was a close match for that skin. Yeah!

There IS other news. You can apparently now wear the deluxe body with any skin (oh my!). So that cuts out a lot of the issues for sure.

Now before I wax too exorbitantly, I do have a criticism.

It is getting VERY hard to shop in the all white walled, very arty but immensely confusing hubs. 

I spent a very long time trying to find "the improved" (a note from a reader) neck blender. I looked and looked and LOOKED where I thought it used to be. Nowhere could I find it. I used the old one and it is pretty good. [ Later Note: the new neck faders are now packed with the updated body, feet and hands. Unpack the box to find your match.]

There is way too much vying for attention in the shopping arena -- and it does feel like you are in a battle at times. The all white is disturbing in that Matrix way and I have been there MANY times; it could easily be overwhelming for newcomers. There were plenty of folks there when I visited, no doubt getting the new style hud.

OK. There is my second "they need to think about this too" comment. If bodies and hands were updated, WHY wasn't the style hud (which you need  to work with the new gifts) included in the update pack. Hence lots of folks at the hub getting the "missing part", maybe not too happy :D.

Some mixed news is that there are now some clothes for the body. You can find them on the Marketplace here.  There "may" be an inworld shop as there is a link from the Marketplace, but I am tired (that looking too hard and extra trips thing) and I am thinking I may just end up back at the poster that sends me to the Marketplace :D.

BUT all said and done, things ARE moving forward and I am glad to see that. I look really good naked but since the reviews on the wearability of the new clothes weren't all that stellar I am thinking that part of the equation is also in Beta.

Still, progress -- and we like that.

Pose by: Diesel Works

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    # by Indigo - September 3, 2014 at 9:34 AM

    Just FYI, I see in the reviews for the marketplace clothes that apparently the clothes will not work with the free body. Some people are finding this out the hard way.

    I got Physique and never wear it due to the lack of high-quality clothes for it (I maintain that mesh bodies are best for people who spend most of their SL naked or in lingerie) so I'm not going to go wading into that sea of white to get this one.

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    # by Chic Aeon - September 3, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    Yes, I saw the same reviews on clothes for this body; hadn't looked at others. Until the time when there are more clothes and "my" designers are making clothes for bodies, I will just be looking at myself naked :D. Happily I have a new bathtub to show soon so will have an opportunity. There WERE some clothes that DID apparently work and thanks for the folks that did the reviews so others know. I always review but I know that happens rarely -- just judging by the sales to review ratio at my MP shop.

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    # by Anonymous - September 4, 2014 at 9:08 AM

    The Mesh Project use a VERY bad wording. Customers need to make their skin creator apply for a designer kit and then make an installer. I have come across people who take "you can now wear any second life skin with this body" literally. I got a DeeTalez skin installer and they are pretty awesome. Nice to see a different skin on the body than the cloned The Shops bodies. The Basic version has skin installer, 1 clothing layer and 1 tattoo layer. The one abowe Basic has an alpha HUD too. The Deluxe has 2 clothing layers and 2 tattoo layers and alpha HUD. Marianne Little

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    # by Anonymous - September 4, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    I have the deluxe version, but my hud has not the writing about being able to use any skin...mhmm

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    # by Anonymous - September 4, 2014 at 9:41 AM

    I have the deluxe version, but i got no update, went to the shop, had the body redelivered but hud has not the writing about the skins..mhm
    JeanGenie Jewell

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    # by colleen - September 4, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    Sensuelle - lingerie & beachwear, , is also designing for The Mesh Project body, it all looks very nice but yes more lingerie . After the Wowmeh mess I've decided I will not purchase anymore mesh bodies at this point.