The Renaissance Hunt

The Renaissance Hunt is underway. I didn't have enough free time (busy busy busy) to do the whole hunt, but I did venture out to look at some of my favorite spots and came away with some lovely things.

* chair and table set (wine goblet gives wine) from Noctis
* Baelish Renaissance Cabinet and ceramics from Kismet
* rug from Spyralle

If you are feeling Joan of Arc ish, you can pick up this very nice helmet prize  at Chimeric Arts & Fashions.

This "Randir" Tunic Jacket from Senzafine comes in many colors and also for males. It is a great addition to your role play wardrobe (NOT a hunt item).

All the SLURLS are here:

You are looking for a small purple creature. You need to be within 10 meters when you click to get your prize.

Pose by oOo Studio