Steamy Stuff

It's been a frenzy of late, so many great venues to explore, so many specialty items to discover.  As we reach the mid term of two prominent shopping scenes, it is a perfect time to visit. Crowds have dissipated some; all the good stuff is still there.  My favorite time to shop.

In the photo above a rustic fountain that could fit into many themes, the Ravenshire Village Fountain from Roawenwood @ the Home and Garden Expo. It comes with separate grass area. You can use the fountain on its own or with a very pleasing grass and rock base.

This photo also shows off the new Greasemonkey Pant from ~ Refined Wild ~ @ a Clockwork Spiral.  These are fitted mesh and happily seemed to do a very good job at that fitting part. Yeah! The pants come with color hud for both fabric and metal parts. There are three fabric choices - leather, cloth and denim. They have a very high waist which I love.

Delicate or bold, ladylike or bad girl -- many sides of Victorian and Steampunk mix and mingle at A Clockwork Spiral.

Here a finally detailed Wayfinder choker from lassitude & ennui pairs with one of a large collection of gacha monocles from Souzou Eien.

These SpatSmasher Boots are also a new release from ~ Refined Wild ~ @ a Clockwork Spiral. They too come with a hud. It has MANY choices; (see how good I am I took a photo for you!)