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How High Can You Go

In the spotlight -- the Nevermore heels from lassitude & ennui for The Secret Affair.

Now I don't have Slink high feet - LOL. That is a purposeful choice on my part, but these are so gorgeous it makes me want to go out and get some. I will resist as my main purpose in life is to show YOU, not wear everything in my vast wardrobe.

This event with the theme of "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe starts on the 15th. I don't have a landmark that I can share to "the secret" affair -- well natch. 

Most of you will already know the story but for those of you that do not, I suggest you keep watch at Seraphim who let's us know ALL the good stuff.

  • mod.copy original mesh
  • texture change menu with 5 choices each for feather and laces options
  • includes rigged mesh for Slink High feet
    and unrigged mesh
 Udated 6 pm on the 12th  to reflect new info.


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