There is something quite wonderful about being able to be wherever and whenever you choose to be. 1970, 1920, 1890 all are within our reach. We can visit countries we can never see in real life with some are very close the their corporeal counterparts.

I have been enjoying this round of The Arcade and judging from the comings and goings of gacha goodies at The Pea Arcade Fleamarket, so have a few hundred other folks -- might want to add an extra zero to that by the time the end of the month nears.

If you are a fan of The Arcade you likely know that this is the La Petite Joie Cafe by 8f8. One of the most popular machines at the event there are a whopping 42 items to collect, all pretty amazing. Put them together and you have a spectacular bit of make believe travel.  Textures are baked with shadows, details are definitely in evidence.  There is even a bicycle delivery wagon (so cute!).

Now all this set is notable and I am sure we each have our favorites, but ONE of mine is a "secret" item, the cigarettes. So many lovely details.

I don't smoke in corporeal life, never have but I do appreciate the atmosphere that a set like this gives to a setting.

My dress is from BAIASTICE at FaMESHed.  A variety of colors are available.

My jewelry set is a Jewelry Fair exclusive from Bliensen + MaiTai: La Fanette - Fire Opal 2 Dark set. There are many varieties of these at the shop which opens the 13th.  

Hair: Pixivor by Vanity Hair

Poses by: Diesel Works