All dressed up and nowhere to go; that's me this morning. There is a new role play sim opening today and I plan to get there and take lots of pretty, albeit noir, photos for you. But so far the sim is still closed and while I tried to get in early *wink*, I am guessing that won't be happening. So, I decided I'd tell you about my outfit while I cool my heels.

I also thought that some of you might wonder where I spend most of my time these days. It is here in my handmade megaprim studio skybox. Nothing fancy, but I have lots of space to do what needs to be done be it building or taking studio photos. That's my sculpty organizer in the background with boxes of new items that have release dates set in stone by others. I like to get my work finished early if I can.

Much of my retro noir outfit (the dress code for the new sim) is made up of old favorites, some no longer available, but I do have two new items to show you. These [Gos] DARE Booties are to die for. And in the RP sim that might happen if I forget to wear my visitor tag *wink*. You have most likely seen these finely crafted heels already as they are a very hot item -- deservingly so. They may not be retro, but I decided that timeless would work for the theme, too.

These days I am pretty busy, but I still scan (often very quickly) the feeds a couple of times a day to keep up with things. I seldom read. I no longer look for free stuff (hard to believe but true). I wait for something to catch my eye. This morning I saw these great boots in a post. Wow, those are cute, I thought. I looked to see where they were from and realized that I HAD A PAIR in my inventory. OK. Don't laugh. I HAVE been busy.

You can bet that I unpacked those lovelies pretty darn quickly though. They come with a hud that let's you easily change toe polish. I opted for a soft taupe after I took this photo. The default skin color worked fine for my sunkissed shade, but there are both preset colors and a color palette to let you match less likely shades. Blue maybe? Who knows.   There is no doubt these will be a favorite for awhile. If  you missed my post on the [Gos] glasses, it is here.

My other new items is a cute and FREE photo phone from -RC- CLUSTER.  Find it at the entrance with the new items. Poses to accompany the phone are a mere $25. And of course there are always lots of fun things to wander through and play with.

Style notes:

Hair: [Aden] {Spice Girls} Ginger Spice (NLA)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a (releases the 18th)
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Bulky Sweater (hunt prize)
Shoes: [Gos] DARE Bootie - Brown (review copy)
Accessories: [Baubles] Single Wood Bangle Walnut; [Baubles] Hole in the Moon w Stars earrings - Walnut Silver R; -RC- Myface Pose Phone (face out); [ANIMAH] cigarette holder animated (old)

Pose by PhotoGraphique.