The first pose fair happens in April and while I am making mundane (but useful) poses in the "why can't I ever find something for this" vein, Chandra at  has been busily working on dramatic new sets. This is the preview of the new * Sourceress (SET 4) - "Exorcism" which will be unveiled at the fair. 

click any photo for a high rez version

It's always great fun to play with the new items from (*chanimations . This set comes in various versions including a lower prim model. It can be used by a lone practitioner, a couple or a group. There are places for ten people around the circle should you choose. Even though I am in the Wheel of the Year hunts and have some pentacle jewelry in Winterfell, I am not really adept at exorcisms. So, if there are any real practitioners in the audience, please understand that this is for ART and not magick.

As with the previous magical set I reported on, there are effects. Grand effects. Can you spell D-R-A-M-A?     There are plenty of hand props and menu choices too.

From the notecard:

The exorcism altar is surrounded by magic energy swirls, and decorated with different ritual paraphernalia, pentagrams, skulls and candles. All candles are created with digitally drawn particle flames - no transparency halos or unreal-looking fire but exactly that flickering you'd expect to see!

And there might be even a rat or two peeking out between the old parchments and books, and heavy chains are hanging down from the massive stone surface.  Along with the change of exorcist poses, the prims of the exorcism altar are animated and will add the extra magic to your photoshooting or roleplay experience. Optional you can use an alter with additional "Outer Circle" - summoning space for 10 people, allowing them all to change places and individually adjust the height of their position by /1a command.

Beyond that, depending on your personal taste or light surrounding, you have the following additional options when clicking the top parchment roll which lies left hand on the altar surface  (the one that shows the exorcism illustration):
 • add particles to the spellcasting of the outer circle, or turn them back off
 • select the positioning of the chains - they can be either hanging down to go with the groundSit 'victim' poses, or lying up on the altar to tie the possessed person down for a bit more drama (3 presets are offered at this point to allow small to tall AVies to reach the cuffs - additional pose-adjustment will likely be required through /1a menu)
 • set permissions who may access the above mentioned options to anyone, group, or owner only. - Default on rez is set to OWNER ONLY.

I knew from our brief chats in the morning that this set was in the works, so when I saw this outfit as the deal of the day at hO wEAr, I snapped it up. It is perfect for many role play occasions and includes elf ears and other additions I have omitted here including a staff.  The costumes are indeed my favorite part of the hO wEAr line.

My skin is one of the lightest tone of the new Eva release from Tuli which according to group chat will be available for purchase sometime this afternoon. There are plenty of folks with their fingers crossed, so hopefully all will go well.