And the A-Teams Win

Am I having fun? You betcha! My inbox of the morning included some new duds from A-Bomb, perfect for a locale I wanted to show you as well as new poses and an AO from Amacci for the Pose Fair promo. The outfit is very retro and so I took it over to Mississippi Delta Blues which is set in the 1940's. The AO I am using is named Posh and the poses definitely live up to that name. So here is the rich big city girl stuck in a backwater town -- and loving it.

There are two types of AOs -- to my mind anyway. One has your avatar always moving with lots of animation and frequent pacing and circling. They are certainly fun, but not so good for photographs. This new release for Pose Fair 2010 is a blogger's AO *wink*. Lots of good, standard, model stands mixed in with some fun sits, ground sits and a VERY posh walk. The only thing I didn't like that I've found so far was the reentry somersault . It makes me dizzy -LOL. I can change that.

My biggest personal thrill is that it fits me -- something that doesn't happen often. My hands are actually ON my hips and not in them. And it even has several poses that work with system skirts -- be still my beating heart. So happy gal here. If you take a lot of photos,  I would definitely recommend trying out this AO when it is released at Pose Fair 2010 (opens April 2).

Now let's talk FASHION. This outfit from A-Bomb is called So Long, Marianne. It comes on all layers should you want to add a jacket or a bra peeking through. There are even instructions included on making the skirt fit well . I've used my typical "skirt shape" and it worked well for me. The shoes are also from the A-Bomb team, just one of several pair of VERY CUTE SHOES. I hope to be able to show you the rest very soon. These are the Gidge Shoes in Zebra. They also come in leopard and suede (sure to be my favorite) and are color change. There is a third pair of a different style out too that looks super cute. These are on sale half price for the next week, so don't wait on me, get over there and see them. I think I had a pair of these Gridge shoes in real life at one time and loved them so it was fun to wear them virtually.

My oh so cute (it WAS a good morning) hair is from Amacci, the first short hair by Carina Larsen. It is very nice and girly while still being short. It hugs my head closely and looks pretty hat friendly too although I haven't had time to try that out. No close up here, sorry; but I'm sure you will be seeing it often in the near future.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Mahogany (gift)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Clothing: A-BOMB So Long, Marianne-Purple
Shoes: A-BOMB Gidge Shoes-Zebra
Accessories: Hauted Zuzu Proper Lace Short Scarf in Black (gift); Lemania Indigo [LI] Crazed Flapper Gloves; [Baubles] Simple Retro Studs (unreleased -made this morning as I had nothing for the outfit :D)

Poses from Amacci.

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    # by Stacie - March 30, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    I love this look on you! Very nice!