Down the Rabbit Hole 2

Chandra sent over her newest release last eve. It was seasonal and so I have of course been thinking of bunnies, maybe sexy bunnies *wink*. Knowing Chandra maybe VERY sexy bunnies.  I was so surprised when I started to unpack the boxes. It was more "hare" than bunny. I don't "Photoshop" pictures very often, but I journeyed over to an Alice and Wonderland sim for a photo shoot and while I could cam down and get this rabbit hole picture, there was no way to sit or double click into the area. So here you have one of my few composite pictures. The backdrop is an actually SL(R) location with very few changes.

Now deviousMind outfits traditionally have many options, all possible layers and lots of choices. This Black Rabbit, White Rabbit costume is no exception. I started counting and I think there are around 90 pieces in all. You can of course delete some and and keep the original boxes as backups. That's a good plan if you want your inventory to be tidy. Still, there are plenty of pieces that can work with other outfits. My plan is to save out my favorites, and pack the original boxes in with the opened items. Then I can find extra pieces if I need them.

These are some of my favorite pieces. The jacket comes with several versions of fasteners (some with resize scripts) but can be worn without and with OTHER things too. I love the watch necklace with feathers and chains and ribbons and lots of timepieces. The ears are as cute as ears can be and there is a tail too if you want to actually be a bunny for the holiday. My I-know-I'll-use-it-so-often prize in this set goes to the sexy tights with great textures and built in panties. I just love them.

So that is just a few -- barely a few -- of the many pieces in this set. Garters and bodices, more watch fobs -- the list goes on. And Chandra is going to laugh at this but I didn't even open the black box of goodies *wink*. Another day :D.

Hair by Truth. Skin by Tuli.

Poses by LAP, VAIN, (*chanimations (pose with watch)